22 October 2011

Space Pictures This Week: Discovery Docks, Orion Sparkles

A space shuttle makes its final flight, the sun explodes with activity, an airplane gets in the way, and more in the week's best space pictures.

Discovery's Approach

Photograph courtesy NASA.

And Then the Clouds Parted

Image courtesy Rob Bullen.

Solar Tsunami

Image courtesy SDO/NASA.

Upping the Atmospheric Ante

Photograph courtesy James Spann, NASA.

Down in Front

Photograph courtesy Howard Eskildsen.

Rosy Sunflower

Image courtesy Caltech/NASA.

Balancing Act

Image courtesy SSI/NASA.

Pulling the Trigger

Image courtesy NAOJ.

Black Hole Off Switch

Illustration courtesy Lynette Cook, Gemini Observatory, and AURA.

Little Brother

Image courtesy ESA/NASA.

source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/03/pictures/110304-space-shuttle-station-sun-flare-aurora-134/

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