30 March 2011

The Special Of SuJu (Super Junior)


The final goodbye stage of No Other was aired today, and sad to say we’ll all definitely miss this song.. and who knows if it might be their last performance together? ;_; of course, I’m not wanting that to happen but then again, this thought has never failed to cross my mind.
Anyway, hope everyone has been doing good, I’m finally enjoying myself during this short holidays but I don’t think I’ll return to translating anytime soon.. However, I’ll be heading to Seoul soon so please do keep your eyes peeled for occasional updates I might have regarding the boys! :D
Until then!

To thank everyone for their support all this while.. I’m holding a contest to give away 1 Super Show 2 CD Poster as advertised on yesasia (it is worth USD10.99 -.- there).
This is how it looks like (only the poster, not the CD), it’s a little folded cos my friend rolled it up in his luggage and it got squashed ): but anyway I will fold it up for the winner as well.. so there’ll be creases nonetheless.
The original pic:
The one I have:
Click to enlarge!
SO THE WINNER HAS BEEN DECIDED!! (You will be contacted shortly for your details)


I had a really tough time deciding, and I asked a few friends and they felt Nanou’s post was interesting and heart-warming too.. So congrats!! ;)
Also, there are some special mentions I’d like to make: Ichigo, Qiuyin Ren and onepinkstar, your entries were awesome too! Especially Ichigo’s!! :) I like it a lot! I wish I had more posters to give away but thank you so much for all your effort!
okay I don’t think I’ll be writing a whole entry regarding what the boys did and such cos SMTown is such a mess, you don’t know exactly where to look and all.. but here’s some pics that I have..

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